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Need a website? Creating one is fast, easy and affordable. Follow the steps below (or start here) and you'll see how simple the process truly is.

step 1

Register a Domain Name

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A domain name is the address of your site. It starts with www and typically ends in .com. Don't rush this step because you cannot change the name once you register it.

Branding your site and name is important. Before you select a domain name, make sure it is also available on various social media platforms (Twitter, YouTube, etc.) Also, choose a name that is memorable and easy to spell.

Discover how to register the "best" domain and get a free e-book and video to help you start your website.

step 2

next step: sign up with a web host

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The web host houses all your website files and is necessary for any website. This is where you go to create email addresses, install software for your site (online store, shopping cart, etc.)

Hosting companies can overwhelm you with their features, but the majority of them offer the same services. Start with the cheapest monthly plan offered because upgrading later is very easy.

Click here to learn more about web hosting.

step 3

NEXT STEP: Install WordPress

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Once you've gotten your domain and signed up for hosting, login to your account and install WordPress. It's free and there is no web design experience needed.

After the installation, just point your browser to yoursite.com/wp-admin, login and begin building your website.

You simply pick your theme, add your content, and hit Publish!

Find out how to get a free Wordpress tutorial video that will help you start your site.

If you want to learn to build an HTML website from scratch without WordPress, click here.

Not sure about the difference between blogs and regular websites? Click here to learn more.

What Kind of Site Do You Want?

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There are so many different types of websites you can create. From ecommerce, membership to content sites, etc. Find out the best way to approach your future site.

Click here for details on different kinds of websites you can create.

How Long Will Website Success Take?


This is one of the most common questions I receive about the creation and success of a website and it's also the most difficult to answer.

The time it takes will depend completely on YOU and how long it takes you to learn how to market your site. It will vary from person to person for a variety of different reasons.

If you were running an offline store, you would never expect to know how long before you sell 100 donuts right? The same applies to the online world. There is no way to predict how quickly you will get the traffic you need to succeed with your site.

Read this article for more details.

A CLASSIC Website Mistake

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Don't fall into the trap of being so focused on the money that your site fails to connect with real people.

1) Will your site solve problems better than the competition?

2) What kind of person will it cater to?

3) Why would someone come to your site instead of an already-established site on the same topic? What is your unique angle or spin?

In other words, create a unique experience that helps people connect with your content in ways the competition doesn't.

If you want to create a successful site, you have to understand the importance of connecting with human beings instead of just building a site with words on a page.

There are enough wikipedia-like websites on the Net today. Aim to be different, fresh and over deliver your content.

Click here to prevent a common website mistake.

why you should never use free hosts

free website

I am often asked about creating free websites. Sorry, but I won't ever recommend this unless it's a temporary or test site.

Not only does the web address look unprofessional (freesite.yoursite.com), but you don't technically own the site. So if the company decides to shut down, guess what happens to your content?

Yep. Right down the drain.

Many people make the mistake of starting off free with the intention of moving to a paid host later. The problem is, the process of moving to another host can be a royal pain, so you might as well do it right the first time.

Not convinced yet? Read why I believe free websites are bad.

Also, check out my article that discusses more common mistakes people make with building websites today.

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