the one-stop guide for beginners starting a website

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step 1

Choose a Domain Name

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A domain name is the address of your site. It typically ends in .com. Don't rush this step because you cannot change the name once you register it.

Branding your site with the right name is important. Choose one that is easy to remember and spell.

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NOTE: If you register at the above link, you will get a free video tutorial to help you create your site. The link is on the order confirmation page.

step 2

sign up with a web host

web hosting

The web host houses all your website files and is necessary for any website. This is where you go to create email addresses, install software for your site (online store, shopping cart, etc.)

Click here to learn more about web hosting or skip the tips and choose a package here.

step 3

launch wordpress

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Once you've gotten your domain and signed up for hosting, login to your account and WordPress should be installed. It's a free content management system and there is no web design experience needed.

Just point your browser to... (replace 'yoursite' with the domain name you selected)

You should see something like this...


"How Do I Design My Website?"

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WordPress comes with thousands of free themes, so you don't have to spend any money on your website template design if you don't want to.

All you do is go to Appearance >> Themes from the WordPress Admin area and search for a theme.


If it's in the budget, I recommend going with a premium theme because you will be offered more design options.

Many free themes are very limiting when it comes to design customizations (unless you're a programmer.)

Click here for help with choosing the right WordPress theme.

If you want to build an HTML website from scratch without WordPress, click here.

How to add the desired features to your website with ease

You might be feeling intimidated by the process of setting up the features you want on your website.

If you make the smart choice and go with WordPress, this is easier than you might think.

WordPress has a large directory of free plugins that allows you to add features like contact forms, shopping carts, email subscribe forms, forums, photo galleries and more.

All you do is search WordPress for the plugin you want.

Install it with one click and Activate it.

shopping cart plugin

Yep! WordPress makes it that easy to add site features.

This wonderful platform has revolutionized the way people build websites, and simplified the process!

Learn more about the features you can add to Wordpress.


free guide

My free guide will sum up the most important website building steps.

If you're on a tablet or smartphone, you can click this link to read it. If you are on a computer, right-click here and choose "Save Link As" and download the PDF.