Template #8

Below is what this template would look like as a web page. Click here to get the code so you can paste it into your web site. Please note that some of the hyperlinks may not work, you would edit the code to reflect the site you'd want to link to. 

If you haven't published your web page to the Internet yet, you're going to need a domain (dot com name).  Click here to learn how to register the best name for your web site.

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Right-Aligned Table

You can put text or anything you'd like in this table.  Even though this table is aligned to the right side of the text, you can change the code and align it to the left if you wish.

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This is one large table with a gray background and a purple border.  Feel free to change the colors of the border by amending the BGCOLOR HTML code.

Visit the page below to view all the hex color codes:

Learning how to create tables is an important part of web design.  View our table tutorial by going here:

To see our HTML tutorial visit the link below:



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