Coffee Cup HTML Editor Review

First of all, let me say that I love the recent improvements CoffeCup has made to their HTML editor.  In earlier versions you could only make edits in the actual HTML code, so it was a little difficult for beginners who weren't as familiar with HTML and web page design.

Now I'm happy to say that the 2007 version is much easier to use.  You can make edits right in the preview/graphic mode so you can see the immediate impact of your changes.

It also has outstanding, professional templates and even includes some neat little scripts that you can copy and paste.

What do I mean by scripts?

If you're a newbie don't let that word scare you.  A script is just a bunch of code that tells a browser how to behave. 

If you were a programmer you'd have to know how to write them, but thanks to CoffeeCup you just copy, paste, and edit where instructed.

For example, say you want a drop down menu on your page.  You just select the tab that says "Drop Down Menu" and drag it into your site.  In seconds, your menu is created. 

If you did not have this software you'd have to code this by hand or find someone to do it for you.

Other free scripts include...

  • Countdown timer
  • Rolling credits
  • Disable right-click (prevent code theft)
  • Survey
  • E-mail form
  • And much more!

Free Updates

Another bonus about CoffeeCup is that every time they release a new version, you get free updates... for life!  They don't make you renew or re-purchase the software every time a new update is available.

Upload to Web Host

CoffeeCup works in conjunction with most Web hosts.  You simply enter your host user/pass combination to save your pages directly to your website!

Graphics Included

I was surprised at how many images CoffeeCup includes with their software.  Choose from hundreds of different backgrounds, buttons, icons, bullets, clipart and more.

Any Downsides?

I can't really think of many negatives associated with CoffeeCup.  If you are used to using other HTML editors, it will take some getting used to.  But overall, the software is pretty intuitive. 

What's even better is when you use their templates and scripts, your page will look like a professional designed it.  It won't have that "beginner feel" that you get with some editors.

So I would definitely recommend CoffeeCup for beginners, intermediates and even advanced users. I was amazed at all you receive for such an affordable price.  It's 1/3rd the price of Microsoft FrontPage and does just as much (if not more!)

Try It For Free

Try the full version of CoffeeCup free for 45 days.)l

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