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Create a Blog With WordPress (Video Tutorial)
Learn the difference between a blog and a static website and watch a very comprehensive WordPress video for beginners.

Tips on Selecting the Right WordPress Theme
Overwhelmed by theme choices for your WordPress website? This article will provide some guidance.

Customizing Your WordPress Theme With Ease
Do you struggle with editing part of your theme styles? Here's a basic guide.

WordPress Admin Panel, Design Tips and Plugins
Tips on using the admin panel, editing your design and plugin suggestions.

How to Create a Mobile Responsive Design for Your Blog
A website should look good on all devices. Find out more here.

How to Keep Your WordPress Site More Secure
A guide every WordPress user should read. Find out how to protect your site from hackers.

Embedding Video and Audio Into Your WordPress Website
Learn how to easily add video and audio into your pages. Also, discover why this may not be a good idea.

Designing a Custom WordPress Theme
Learn how you can use Artisteer to build your own WordPress theme.

How to Customize Your WordPress Header
A video tutorial that shows you how to create a custom header and add elements to it.

How to Add a Search Engine to Your WordPress Site
A tutorial for Google Custom Search. Allow your visitors to search your website and make money with Google AdSense at the same time.

How to Manually Upload Files to Your WordPress Site
Need to add an image to your site, but don't know how to upload it? This tutorial will show you how.

Favicon Tutorial
Learn how to create that small icon that shows up in your browser next to your website URL. vs.
Understand the difference between these two platforms before you create your website with WordPress.

Manage and Promote Your Blog's RSS Feed With Feedburner
Tips and advice on how to use Feedburner to manage and promote your RSS feed.

Create RSS Feeds for Static Websites
You don't need a blog to publish and promote an RSS feed. You can also create one for your website.


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