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The Perfect Site Guide

If you want to save the above guide to your computer, just open, then right-click on the document while viewing. Now choose "File, Save As." It will save it as a PDF file.

How to Start Your Website

Creating your site takes a few simple steps:

Register a domain (read up on getting the best domain) and sign up with a web hosting plan.

Start with the smallest plan. You can always upgrade later very easily. There's no need to spend extra money on file space you don't need now or may never need.

Once you sign up with hosting...

1) Simply install the WordPress script from the control panel in your account

2) Go to and login

3) Choose your template (comes with WordPress) and add your content.

4) Create your pages, hit Publish and you're done!

Plugins Are The Key to Creating Any Kind of Website!

You may be wondering how to create a certain kind of site. Maybe you want an online store, or perhaps you just want a blog.

I've got great news...

You can create any kind of site you want with ease thanks to WordPress plugins, and many are free.

Once your WordPress site is up and running, you simply search the plugin database for the kind of plugin you need. All of this is done within WordPress so it's super convenient.

Installing takes two clicks and then you go to the menu to configure the plugin.

If you register your domain at Website Palace, you will get a free, 27-minute video on how to build your site from scratch with WordPress, add plugins and more. It's on the order confirmation page.

Looking For a Free Website

Please, please, please take time to read this section carefully.

Free Comes With a Price

No one will take your website seriously hosted on some free host (where your address is instead of so that's not a route I recommend based on some frustrating past experiences with free hosting.

I don't want you to join the hundreds of people who've emailed me over the years expressing their regrets because they had to move their entire site upon realizing the limitations of free hosting.

Save yourself the headaches and create your site correctly the first time. Trust me. You won't regret the decision. Plus, you'll have the comfort of knowing you actually own your site instead of renting it from another company.

I lost 6 websites at one time some years ago because I used a free host. All the money those sites were making went out the window just like that. So I had to start over.

Domains are incredibly affordable compared to what they used to cost ($35/yr). That's what I love about the Internet. You'll never find a more economical place to start a business (if that's your goal.)

Click here to learn how to pick the right domain name and save money.

What kind of site do you want to create? Learn what you need to do based on the type of website you desire.

Don't Rush The Topic Choice Step!

Topic choice is a step where people make big mistakes. If you're going to choose a competitive topic, you need to have an angle. Otherwise it will be hard to stand out.

Also, if you want any traffic from Google in the beginning, you must target phrases that are less competitive to give yourself a chance to rank.

Read this article on topic choice.

Create a Google Webmaster Tools Account (GWT)

After your site is live, it's time to create a GWT account to ensure Google knows about your website and all its pages. Once you've done that, follow the instructions for setting up a sitemap.

A sitemap is simply an XML file that lists all of your web pages. But don't let the acronymn scare you. It's really easy to create.

If you use WordPress, there's a plugin you can install by Yoast that will ensure all your pages listed and it will create a sitemap for you. (Plugin installation help is located in the WordPress video above.)

Having a GWT is very important because you can keep track of your site's health as it pertains to Google finding/accessing your pages, etc.

Learn more about building traffic here.

Want to Build an Online Store?

If you are considering building an online store where you will sell products from your website, there are a few ways you can go about it.

1. Use WordPress and install an ecommerce plugin. Woocommerce is free and very popular.

2. Go with a service like Shopify. They also have a WordPress plugin and are one of the more popular online ecommerce solutions.

Watch the demo below...

Click here to sign up with Shopify.

3. Use a regular web host and purchase an ecommerce/shopping cart add-on. Not a bad option, but probably the most challenging to setup.

If you don't want to apply for a merchant account to accept credit card orders, you can always use PayPal. The above three options will get your shopping cart going, but you still need a merchant service to collect the money. That's where PayPal can come in.

Outsource The Programming

If you can't seem to find a script or you don't want to learn how to install the kind of functionality you need for your site, go to UpWork and have a programmer do the work for you.  I love this site.

All you do is sign up for an account and post a job.  In a matter of minutes, programmers will begin bidding on your job with a price. You take the bid you want.

It's very safe because you pay the programmers by using and you don't release the money to them until you are satisfied with their work.  You can also check a coder's feedback/history before you select them.  I use them all the time!

I've used UpWork for many, many different tasks. It's such a convenient service.

Get Photoshop For Free

Discover how to get one of the most popular web design and image creation programs for free. Click here!


So that's website creation in a nutshell. Also, check out this article where I discuss the common mistakes people make when creating websites.

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Need more detailed training? Enroll in my courses.

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