You've Installed WordPress, Now What?

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If you've made it this far, you've probably read the overview for starting your site.

WordPress is a smart choice! It's becoming the industry standard for websites, and there's support for the platform all over the Internet.

It's All About The Plugins

Once your site is setup as explained on the homepage, getting it to function how you want it is as simple as installing the right plugin.

The good news? Most of them are FREE!

How Do I Add Comments to My Site?

Lucky for you, this is a WordPress default feature. You can add/remove the comment section with ease -- right from the WordPress dashboard.

You can also disable comments on individual pages if you only want certain pages to have them.

Can I Create a Membership Site?

You sure can!

Thanks to WordPress plugins you can install a number of different free plugins and they will instantly transform your site into a membership site.

You can choose to charge for the site or keep it free.

Want to Sell Products?

Selling products from WordPress is an incredibly simple process. All you do is install an ecommerce plugin inside WordPress.

If you use to host your site, you'll get access to a free video that will show you how to use WordPress and install plugins. It only takes a few seconds.

The tutorial video link is on the order confirmation page.

Consider Using Shopify

If you want to create an online/ecommerce store, you might want to choose a 3rd party solution like Shopify for the actual shopping/checkout process.

Yes, WordPress plugins like WooCommerce (free) can handle this, but you will also want to setup an SSL with your host for added security protection for your customers.

In other words, when customers enter their name, address and payment info, an SSL ensures the transmission is more secure.

Does this sound complicated? It's not really. It's just an added step you need to perform. Your host will help you out.

However, if you use Shopify for your store, they handle the SSL for you and that is something you won't need to fuss with.

Shopify is actually hosting your store instead of your WordPress site. So they handle all the steps with regards to security while you focus on setting up your store.

WordPress and Shopify work well together and it's a very popular combo for ecommerce websites.

Here's a video overview of Shopify...

Sign up with Shopify here.

Can I Collect Email Addresses?

Yes, indeed. When you sign up for a service to collect email addresses, they will give you code to paste into your site.

That code will create the sign up form so people can enter their names, emails, etc.

I use AWeber to collect emails on my site.

Summing It Up!

To create the site you want, you need to...

  • Install WordPress on your hosting platform
  • Choose a theme (free or premium)
  • Search and install the plugins to make your site function how you want (membership, photo gallery, etc.)
  • If you want to setup a store, I recommend using Shopify


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