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Twitter ImageWhat's going on?

If you're reading this, you might be thinking about following me on Twitter.

Or maybe you're just being nosey and you clicked on my profile to see who someone was replying to. ;)

Who is 2createawebsite?

My name is Lisa Irby and I am an affiliate marketer who makes a very comfortable living online thanks to my websites...







I consider myself an old-school affiliate marketer because I got started back in 1998.

I know it's hard to imagine a time on the Web without blogs, FaceBook, MySpace and Twitter, but when I started making money online, none of that existed.

Sometimes I think that was an advantage for me because there were fewer options and much less noise and confusion when it came to creating websites and making money online.

Nevertheless, I'm still here... thriving and doing very well, even through this ugly recession. I love helping people through my sites, blog and YouTube. There's nothing like paying it forward.

If You Follow Me...

If you're thinking about following me because you want to know what I'm doing every minute of the day then you will be very disappointed.

Most of my tweets are related to design, promotion and making money from blogs and websites. But I do have a fun side. I'm a gal who loves gadgets, electronics and sports (yes, I know... quite rare for a female), so occasionally I will throw in a tweet about these topics or something fun here and there.

I joined Twitter to promote my sites, network and connect with people who'd like to learn more about what I do.

Make sure you download my free book, The Perfect Site Guide. I go into great detail on how to get started with a site or blog. Plus, I share a lot of my personal experiences that you can learn from.

To Follow or Not to Follow

Twitter - Follow MeI am not one of those Tweeters who shamlessly plugs their site every 2 seconds or promotes affiliate links all day long. You have my word on that.

So, if you decide to follow me, just click the link and stay tuned for my tweets!

If I haven't earned your follow, that's OK too. No big deal. I'll just go crawl in a corner and go into the "ugly cry" for about 15 minutes.

Of course, I'm kidding.

I would only cry for 3 minutes. ;)

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