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Awesome Use of Canva Templates!

I'm going to show you how to unlock the real power of Canva templates!

I'm a big, big fan of this game-changing image creation tool that makes anyone look like a design pro.

Watch the video below for a quick demo, then check out my creations that will surely spark ideas of your own.

Below are 10 ideas for your next Canva masterpiece...

Say "Thanks"!

Likes Image

Canva has a fun, "Thank You" Social Media template that you can use to celebrate and thank your Facebook fans (Be sure to "Like" my page here).

Just edit the number to match the amount of Facebook fans you are celebrating.

Tip: Change the color of the image to match your logo and/or site colors.

Spice Up Those Music Reviews

Music Review

This is the "Music Review" template from the Blog graphic category.

Drag and drop the the album art and add the details, your star rating and publish!

Create a Tip Series

Create a "daily tips series" on social media using the "Statement" template in the Social Media category.

website tips

Tip: Don't forget to brand the tips with your site URL.

Make Subscribing Look Sexy!

subscribe image

Grab the "Mailing List" Social Media template and customize it to your liking. No doubt this will get your follower's attention.

Tip: Create a subscribe page like this so you can actually link to this page via social media or your site.

Personalize Photos With Your Own Images


Got a travel site?

Use the "Cuba" Social Media template to spice up vacation-related images. Just change the title to whatever vacation spot you'd like.

Drag and drop your own photos into the allocated areas to personalize and make it fun!

Canva has a lot of drag and drop templates that can work for all occasions -- not just vacations.

Highlight Events With Facebook Cover Photos


Canva has Facebook cover photo templates that make it easy for you to create amazing images for different occasions.

This template is called "My Cool FB Cover."

Highlight a Sale

ebook sale

Who could ignore a bright, bold image like this?

Use the "Retro Sale" Social Media template to create an eye-catching sale image that is sure to get your follower's attention and drum up some extra sales for your latest promo!

Create Product Review Lead Images

product review

Take your product review image to the next level by using the "Review Circle" Social Media template.

You can drag an image of the product you are reviewing right into the circle as I did above with Long Tail Pro.

Tip: Copy/paste to add / delete stars to reflect your rating.

Goodness! Can this free tool get any cooler?

Show The Before And After

Before and After

Select the "Before & After" Social Media template to highlight comparisons.

This is another drag and drop template to easily add your own photos.

What a fun way to spice up your weight loss website and show that you've lost those unwanted pounds. :)

Create a Featured Image

Featured Bloggers

In the above image I used the "5 Examples" Social Media template to highlight 5 different faces.

Even though this template was created to feature examples, this is also great for highlighting guest authors on a post/blog, people at an event, guest speakers and more.

If you haven't tried Canva yet, click here to give it a whirl!

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