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Learning Dreamweaver can be intimidating if you're just getting started. I created a video tutorial below that shows you how to setup a simple website using a Dreamweaver CSS Template.

Before You Buy Dreamweaver

I highly recommend learning a bit about HTML and CSS before buying and using Dreamweaver. This doesn't mean you have to take a class or spend hours upon hours studying CSS. Just understanding the basics of HTML and CSS will help you greatly.

Obviously, this is not a necessity. The developers of Dreamweaver understand that not everyone knows much about HTML and CSS, but when you're familiar with it, you can do more and understand more of the software features.

Consider Getting a Book or Two

When I first bought Dreamweaver, I bought Dreamweaver MX for Dummies (I had the MX version at the time). It really helped me get started and I learned a lot about CSS.

I also own The CSS Anthology: 101 Essential Tips, Tricks and Hacks. I love how this book is organized.

The chapters are sectioned off into common questions that make finding answers a breeze. The book also gives you the code for various tricks and techniques while using non-techy speak.

This is probably not the best book for understanding the core philosophies of CSS, but it's a great "how to tutorial" if you just want to get it done and not be overwhelmed by technical gibble gabble. There are some really good navigation tutorials here, which is a common technique many people want to learn.

I also received a free trial to Lynda.com when I bought Dreamweaver CS4. I was really impressed with how thorough Lynda's tutorials were and I soaked up as much info as I could in those 30 days.

Get Dreamweaver here.

Is Dreamweaver Too Difficult For You to Learn?

The good news is today you don't have to learn Dreamweaver to build an awesome-looking website.

Not everyone can get their head around the software. Even though it's a fabulous tool for building a website and learning the basics of code and design, its not ideal for the person who just wants to create a quick website with a nice design.

Not everyone wants to be a coder. Some people just want a nice-looking website without the hassle of learning HTML and CSS.

WordPress is now by far the most popular website building platform because it is much easier to learn and it's completely web-based.

Just pick a template and go!

You can watch me use WordPress to customize and design my site here.

The choice is up to you! Just don't feel like you have to use Dreamweaver to build your site.

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