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Web hosts provide you with the space to create your web pages, but many of them don't give you any free website builders or guidance when it comes to writing the HTML, web design, creating graphics, etc.   

Below are some good web hosts that offer free website building tools when you buy their hosting package.


This is a free script that you will get with most standard hosting packages.

WordPress is very dynamic. You can create full-fledged shopping cart solutions, membership sites or just a simple blog. It's up to you.

Learn more about how to build a website with WordPress here.

WebSite Tonight Hosting

This plan allows you to create and design a website using a beginner-friendly browser-based web tool. 

All you do is point, click, and type to create your site.  There's a built-in web publishing tool that will allow you to build pages quickly and easily without knowing a single thing about web programming.

Many people find Website Tonight perfect for creating almost any kind of personal or business web site. However, they are especially popular for photo oriented sites because there are some great templates available for photo galleries.  You can also add a message forum and video to your site.

I highly recommend this hosting package! And what's most impressive about WebSite Tonight is that they keep adding new features, yet the price stays the same.

How to Receive This Site Builder

As you may know from reading this site, in order to create a web site you need to do two things. First, register a dot com (domain) name

Then choose WebSite Tonight hosting as your host.

Try CoffeeCup's HTML Editor for Free

This software does not come with any web hosting, but it's a darn good HTML editor to use no matter who your web hosting company is.  Click for a free trial.

Using CMS (Content Management Systems)

CMS is a collection of tools designed to allow the creation, modification and organization of information on a website.

Joomla, in particular, is an open source CMS designed to assist users in building and managing a website. Through dynamic content production, templates and customized modules, Joomla is an attractive alternative for Webmasters looking for a robust, flexible CMS option.

Joomla comes free with most regular web hosting plans.

Save on Web Design Software at

Never again will I purchase web software at retail stores.  You can get these same professional products at and pay a fraction of what you'd pay at your local stores.

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