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CSS TemplatesNot everyone needs a blog or wants to become a blogger, and I feel that the support for static websites is lacking these days since blogs have become so popular.

Don't get me wrong, a blog is an incredibly great format for publishing a website, and they are ideal for sites that will be updated frequently, need commenting and dynamic functionalities.

However, static websites will always have their place. Remember, I earn a living from my static websites, not my blog. I think too many people choose blogs because they're popular. But they're not always ideal for every site.

So I created some simple, HTML / CSS website templates you can use to create your static website.

The templates come with high-quality headers and backgrounds that I created in Photoshop. You can mix and match the images to create the design you want.

There are also easy-to-follow video instructions that show you how to edit and upload the templates right to your web server! Great for beginners.

For more details, watch the video below or visit the Easy Starter Templates homepage.

Get my CSS starter website templates here.

The Importance of Understanding CSS

Even if you're a blogger, these static website templates will teach you how to position elements on areas of your blog. You could have the coolest blog theme in the world, but if you don't understand CSS you may have trouble editing the core design and customizing certain elements (i.e floating an AdSense unit on your header, etc) like I did on this site.

Blogs use CSS to govern the design and so do my templates. So you can apply the same principles even though you cannot upload the templates to your blog.

Because my templates are static, you can easily open the files on your computer and preview the updates by simply opening any web browser (unlike blogs which require a server-like environment because they are written in PHP).

It's a very non-intimidating way of learning web design, and it will help you do more with your site whether you have a static website or a blog.

Learn more about my teaching CSS templates here.

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