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If you plan to sell products or services and don't accept credit cards from your website, you'll be missing out on some major online business. 

Trust me...I tried it on another website that I own, and I was amazed at the number of requests I received for credit card payment options.

Consumers are becoming more and more comfortable with online ordering and want to pay with a credit card because it's fast, convenient, and safer than ever before.

When the web was younger, you had to go through major hassles if you wanted to accept credit payments from your site.  Now, thanks to the abundance of small businesses online, you can easily find a company that will help accept the payments for you.

Instead of purchasing or leasing equipment to run the transactions from your home, you can outsource a third party to take all the orders for you and they'll simply deposit the earnings into your account.

Accept Credit Cards Online with PayQuake

2 Create a Website is pleased to introduce, PayQuake...a company that allows you to easily accept credit cards from your website with no hassle.  

All you do is fill out the application, and once you're approved, you can begin taking credit payments from your website with your merchant account.

The merchant handles all the transactions for you while you simply await a check for all of your sales.  There's no need for you to purchase any additional equipment or apply for any business license.

Even if you're running a first-time internet venture, they can assist you with your needs.  Click here to learn more about PayQuake.


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