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If you've had your AdSense account disabled for invalid click activity, you are not alone.

This has happened to thousands of people since AdSense came about in 2003.

Is there hope for you to get back in the program?

Yes, but honestly... the chances are slim.

Google Reinstates Very Few Accounts

Because I've had a lot of popular content over the years about Google AdSense and lots of success with the program, many people come to me for help.

I've heard tons of stories about AdSense, but unfortunately very few of them involve people getting their disabled accounts back.

Google is Very Vague

Often times AdSense Publishers have no idea why they were banned from the program.

Some people were clicking their own ads or involved in scams or schemes, but a lot of people have no idea what they did, and that's the most frustrating part.

Google Must Protect Their Advertisers

Any time a click is made on your ads, that is costing the advertisers money. These advertisers are Google's bread and butter so they will not tolerate their money being wasted.

That's why they take invalid clicks so seriously.

Submitting Your Appeal

After your account has been disabled, you are allowed to submit an appeal.

Here's a tip...

When submitting the appeal, take your time answering the questions on the appeal and be as thorough and honest as you can.

I've only known one person personally who got her AdSense account reinstated, and she was very honest about what she did to get her account disabled.

You can listen to her story below...

She was also very detailed about how she improved her YouTube channel since the incident.

I know that's counterintuitive to admit any wrongdoing because you may think Google will never let you back in if you admit it.

The opposite may also be true.

And in the case above, I believe that even helped her get her account back.

So when you are filling out the appeal, mention anything that may have caused your account to get disabled.

Did you join any traffic scheme programs that could cause fraudulent clicks?

Did you ask anyone to click your ads?

Did you click your own ads? (Google can see if the computer IP address from the click matches the IP address you used to sign up.)

Did you call attention to the ads on your site in a way that may violate the terms?

Are you using copyrighted material that you don't have rights to use?

Read over the terms here.

If you were unaware of the terms and conditions violation at the time, admit it. You are human and everyone makes mistakes.

Wait Before Submitting Your Appeal

I get it. You're upset and alarmed by the news.

It's tempting to hurry and submit your appeal as soon as you've discovered you've been banned from the program.

But if you can show how you've improved your site or grown in other areas, this can also help you get back in the program.

It shows you are serious about what you do online, and it highlights the fact you are building up a true business and not solely relying on AdSense.

Have you had an increase in traffic? Subscribers? Mention this and anything specific that you've done to improve your site. The more specific you are about what you're doing, the more it may help you.

Make sure your site and/or YouTube channel has high quality, professional content. Provide links to any information or content that illustrates your hard work and what you plan to do in the future.

Be Professional & Not Emotional

Whatever you do, don't be defensive and show anger when you submit your appeal. That's a quick way to get it ignored and/or denied.

I bet Google receives hundreds, if not thousands, of appeals per month. They are probably not going to sit and read through appeals that are demanding, vague and offer no detailed information.

If you do know what may have caused the ban, again, own it and explain how you plan to fix it and move forward.

Nothing is guaranteed to get you back in the program, but emotional and defensive responses will likely get ignored and not help you at all.

I've never been a fan of how Google handles a lot of disabled AdSense accounts, but it's how it goes and getting disabled is always a risk if you're in the program.

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