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Learn more about Google AdSense and how to join.

There are many ways to optimize your AdSense earnings. If you aren't experimenting with things like placement, color, layout, size and other variables, you could be leaving a lot of money on the table.

I increased my earnings by 20% just by following some of the tips mentioned in my video below.

More AdSense Tips

1) Your AdSense earnings are directly related to your traffic. How much you make depends on your niche, click-through rate and how much ads in your niche pay. Find out why earnings vary.

2) Don't compare earnings. You cannot estimate your earnings based on someone else's traffic because every niche is different.

3) Three units is not always best. Even though AdSense allows you to use multiple units on one page, that doesn't mean it's always best for your user experience.

Also, Google has been known to penalize the rankings of sites that have too many ads (especially near the top of the page). Learn to balance your ads with content.

You don't want to run people away by appearing greedy with ad overload. Not to mention it looks unprofessional.

4) Diversify. While AdSense can be a great way to earn additional income, you should also diversify your income streams.

Not only are earnings unpredictable but you could get your account disabled and lose everything at once.

Google's main priority is protecting their advertisers because that's how they make their money.

So if they suspect that your account is generating fraudulent clicks or even has the potential to do so, they will disable your account with no warning.

5) Find The Right Theme. Rather than trying to tweak and manipulate your site's code, it's best to find a theme that already has the placement setup for where you want to put your AdSense ads. Click here for details on finding a good theme for AdSense.

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