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It's unfortunate that the numerous Internet money making scams out here make it difficult for people like myself who are trying to show people the right ways of making money online.

I have actually been fortunate enough to find success on the Internet and no, I didn't lose my shirt or go into debt doing it.

Stick with me throughout this article. After I address some of these Internet scams that make my blood boil, I'll show you how to legitimately achieve financial freedom online like I have.

The beauty of the Internet is that you can make a truckload of money out here. Yes, you really could quit your full time job if you work hard.

The bad news is most people either don't want to work at it, or they buy into some scam that causes them to waste money they could have used to invest in a real, legitimate venture.

Get Paid To Surf / Internet Survey Scams

I see these darn programs advertised everywhere.  Heck my mom even tried one a while back!  She gave up after about 3 days.

It sounds easy right?  All you have to do is surf the web, fill out some surveys, answer some emails and they'll send you a check every month.

It's never that simple.  If it was, we'd all be quitting our 9 to 5 jobs to sign up for these kinds of Internet ventures.

Most of these "pay to surf" programs want you to pay money upfront.  This is how they make their bread and butter.

And don't be fooled by the money-back guarantee they offer because usually in order to get your money back you have to sign up with a certain number of companies and perform various tasks before you even qualify for the refund.

They realize most people aren't going to go through all the hassle just to get their money back so they give up.  Cha-ching!  Another person suckered.

You may also come across some companies boasting their programs are free.  I would still beware.  There is always a catch.  In most cases, they make it so difficult to earn enough credits to get paid, most people quit.  And even though entry is free, you may still have to pay a third party down the line as you start completing the surveys hosted by other companies. 

As I said...There's always a catch!

I'm not saying you can't make money from some of these programs, but I would highly recommend you do some thorough research and ask a lot of questions before joining any of them. The ones I've seen thus far have all been purely bogus and a complete rip-off!

Scams on Google Adsense

I should have known that with the success of the Adsense program, people would try to sell "systems" that will supposedly help webmasters get-rich-quick with the program.

If you haven't heard about it, Adsense is a revolutionary free program offered by Google that allows webmasters to help them advertise by posting text ads on their web pages.  You earn money for every click each ad receives.

All you need is a website with some unique content centered around a theme.  The topic could be on almost anything.  I use Adsense on all my sites and earn a nice income.

The concept is quite simple.  The more information you have on your site, the greater the traffic potential from the free search engines.  The more traffic you have, the more you'll earn from Adsense.

Many webmasters are cleaning up with the program, and it really is one of the easiest ways to make online.  Your only investment is your website since the Adsense program is free to join. 

I love it and have the checks to prove it really works.

Here Come The Adsense Scams....

Of course, since the program has a huge profit potential there will always be people who try to create "shortcuts" that claim to make it "easier" for people to make money.

Well, they're not making it easier on you at all.  They are just making you think they can simplify the process, when in reality they're making it even more difficult to earn in the long run.

I recently heard of a program called "Adsense Ready" that will allow you to download hundreds of pre-written web pages (so you don't have to write your content yourself). 

In minutes you can have tons of articles at your fingertips and create your website in a flash.  Sounds great right?

Well there's one big problem with this.

Search engines IGNORE duplicate content.  So as time goes on and more people purchase these articles, the search engines will catch on and begin to ignore the pages.  Their duplicate content filter will go into high gear.

Your site would be ignored faster than a Yankee fan at a Red Sox game!

Remember....the key to making money with Adsense is getting traffic to your site so people can click your ads. Most people rely on the free search engines as their main Internet traffic source.  I sure do! 

So, how are you going to capitalize on all this traffic if the search engines are ignoring your site?

The answer won't!


This is just further proof that there are no shortcuts to making money on the Internet.  If you want to become successful, you have to be prepared to learn the ropes and work at it.

The money that I earn is great and my friends and family are in awe.  However, I make sure they understand that I have invested a lot of time doing what I do.

Pyramid Schemes

These things are everywhere. The web page usually begins with a big, bold headline claiming how much you'll make every week.  You may be suckered in by a picture of some random guy holding a check or a fake guy named George S. (notice they never give full names) who earned some ungodly amount the month before.

A pyramid scheme is an illegal system where people recruit others to sign up under them to make money, but there is no real product involved. They may encourage you to send them money in hopes of doubling or tripling yours.

It's easy to spot a pyramid scheme. They are usually laced with fake testimonials. The more money they flaunt, the scammier it is. The description of how to earn money is usually pretty vague and you rarely find contact information on the site. If there is a contact form you can use, the person rarely responds.

Don't Confuse Pyramid Schemes With MLM

MLM (Multi Level Marketing) is 100% legit and a lot of people make money with it. An example of an MLM program would be Mark Kay. You sign up under another seller and that seller earns a percentage from everything you sell. You can also recruit people to your downline and then earn on their sales too.

With MLM, there is a tangible product that is pushed throughout all channels and it usually involves a good coaching/support system to help the members maximize their earnings.

A lot of people confuse MLM and pyramid schemes because of the multiple levels. The biggest difference is that pyramid schemes do not involve a tangible, legit/quality product. The people are just pushing "the idea" to make money. That's illegal.

How to REALLY Make Money on the Internet

Now it's time to show you how to really make a profit out  here....legitimately!

Let me ask you a question....

How did you find this site?  Probably from a search engine like Google, MSN, Yahoo, or AOL right?  According to my website stats, roughly 85% of visitors find my site this way.

How did I get my site into the search engines, you ask?  Easy.  I just keep building content on a topic that interests building.

Search engines love large websites - especially when all the content is related to one theme.  This site now has over 100 pages and I continuously update it on a weekly basis so I my traffic continues to grow.

The money comes in from programs like Adsense.  I mentioned this above.  All I do is place the text ads on my pages and help Google advertise.  I earn revenue when my visitors click through to the ads.

Choose Your Passion

Just find something you're interested in and build a website about it.  It could be on anything from sports, cars to food.  Thanks to programs like Adsense you can make money from any kind of site these days.

Be prepared to put in some hours.  That's why it's so important to select a topic you love.  That way it doesn't feel like work when you're writing your information and updating your site.

Once your site begins to grow people will begin voluntarily linking to your website (yep....more free traffic!)  I get tons of free traffic from other people that just admire my site and decide to link to it.

Only Pay For Your Website

The only thing you should have to pay for is your website (web host).  I made the mistake of trying to do this on a free host years ago and it failed. 

Not only was I not able to do the things I wanted to do because of the free host limitations, but the company shut down and I lost my entire site.  It was a disaster.

It's All About Traffic

Understand that if you want to achieve success out here with your website, you must learn to build free traffic

There are specific ways you need to create and structure your pages so the search engines will find you.  It's imperative you understand how to do this.  Most people fail with their sites because they don't ever learn.

I used a special web host called Site Build It to build my website and it shows you how to build free traffic.

Not only does it provide a suite of tools for beginners to make building your site super easy, but it also coaches you as you create each page so it ranks as high as possible in Google, Yahoo and MSN.  Site Build It even submits your site automatically so you don't have to.

Remember, it is completely FREE to get listed in Google, Yahoo and MSN.

I made my first six-figure salary on the Internet in 2005 and I owe a lot of my success to the folks over at for helping me learn how to build a website that attracts traffic.

My latest site, is a great example of how an information website can turn into cold cash.  I used SBI! to build this website and it was paying my mortgage in less than two years.

What's even better is I only work on this site about 10-15 hours per month.

In Conclusion

Forget those phony claims out here from companies promising millions overnight.  They're lying to you. No one ever makes money fast online and none of the get rich quick schemes work.

In order to make money with a website, do what I did. Choose a topic you love to write about and affiliate yourself with companies that will pay you to refer them business. 

Almost all affiliate programs are free to join.  Even sites like and offer them.  And of course there's always Google's Adsense.

Remember, the only thing you should have to pay for is your website.  If you need a host, I wouldn't recommend any other company than SiteSell's Site Build It product.

They offer a money back guarantee and you have a complete year to try it out.  In about six months, I expect to hear from you so you can share your own success story!

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