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I am so excited to present you with an opportunity that can pay you a healthy residual income for years to come.

But first, this is not some get rich quick scheme. There's hard work involved just like any other venture.

However if you target soon-to-be bloggers or Webmasters, stay tuned because reselling domain names and web hosting is one of the most lucrative online opportunities you can ever be involved with.

Why? Because EVERYONE wants a website today!

How Reselling Works

When you sign up to resell domain names and web hosting, you will be given a website that is a replica of the company you will be selling for.  It will look something like this.  

The site will be synched with your unique reseller ID so you'll automatically get credit for every sale.

You'll have the opportunity to customize your storefront, set the prices for domain names, web hosting and other products and services.  Every time an order is placed from your reseller site, you earn a commission.

There is no technical experience involved in reselling, and you'll have access to a control panel that you can use to customize the reseller site with your own name, colors, text, etc.

Control Your Profit Margins

Since you can set your own prices for every product and service on your site, you play a big part in determining how much you earn for every sale your site generates.  You can even decide which products and services you want to offer.

All the tracking, order taking, customer support, technical issues, etc. are handled by the parent company. You don't have to deal with any of this.  

So basically you are serving as the "middle man" or "referrer" while you promote your own personalized reseller website and collect a commission on every sale.

You'll be able to login to their reseller control panel at anytime to see how much money you've earned for the day, month, or year.

Benefits of Reselling Domain Names and Web Hosting

As I stated before, web hosting and domain names are one of the most lucrative products to resell on the Internet because of the residual opportunities.

For example, let's say your Aunt Mary wants to build a website.  All you would do is tell Mary to go to your pre-built reseller website that will be provided for you.  There she can order her domain name (, for example) and web hosting.

There are even beginner web hosting options for Mary to choose from if she is new to all this.  Some of them have web page builders and templates that make it easier for people who have little web design experience.

As long as Aunt Mary owns her website and pays her monthly hosting fees, you'll get a percentage of that fee every month.

So let's say you set your web hosting price at $10 per month and you earn a $6 commission per customer. If Aunt Mary keeps her site for 3 years (36 months), you've earned $216.

Now, $216 over 3 years isn't a lot of money, but think about if you have 30 new customers every month and you earn $6 per customer.

In the first month, you'd earn $180. ($6 x 30 new websites)

Then in the 2nd month, you'd earn that same $180 again because people pay hosting fees on a monthly basis, PLUS any new customers you refer, you'll get that $6 commission again.

So let's say you refer 30 people in the first month and 40 people in the second month.

Month 1: $180 ($6 x 30 customers)
Month 2: $240 ($6 x 40 customers)
Month 3 earnings: $180 (month 1) + $240 (month 2) + any new customers in month 3 and the cash flow keeps going an and on and on....

I've been a domain reseller since 2002 and can live on my residuals now. So that means people that ordered back in 2002 when I first became a reseller, still earn me commissions today because of the residual effect.

That's what is so nice about reselling domains and web hosting because customers have to pay for their website every month -- which means you get paid every month as long as each customer maintains their site.

Now can you see how this can start to snowball into a pretty sizable income as time goes on.

As long as you are referring new people to build a website, you'll keep increasing your commissions month after month.

NOTE: You can buy a domain name and redirect it to your reseller store so you'll have a concise domain name to promote instead of the long reseller URL. For example, is my reseller store.

Income Potential

Think of all the people you know who need a website.  You could just print out business cards with your reseller website address and hand them out to anyone and everyone you know.

Also, if you have a blog or a website that targets people who need domains and hosting, you can refer them to your store.

How many people do you know with Blogger (or other free sites) that hate having that long, awkward address? Encourage them to get a REAL domain ( and forward it to their blogger blog.

You don't have to help these people build their sites because the registrars support staff handles all that.  Or if you are capable, you can setup their sites for them.

So don't worry if you are not a web programmer.  You don't have to be.  You just have to know how generate customers to your store -- whether that's through the Internet (SEO, video, etc.) or offline through web classes, seminars, etc.

Save on Domain Names and Hosting

The other benefit of having your own reseller store is you can buy domains and hosting at your buy/wholesale rate. So I never pay more than $8/yr for my domain names. That comes in handy because I own over 50 domains for various projects and redirects (i.e.

So if you buy a lot of names as I do for redirection, then you can save by hosting your sites on your own store.

Affiliate vs Reseller

You may be wondering how this is different from being an affiliate. There are many differences:

- Affiliate marketing is usually fee. Reselling typically has a fee.

- With affiliate marketing, you only earn a one-time commission. When someone signs up from your reseller store, you earn on every sale -- even if the purchase is made years later. The customer is tied to your store forever. There are no expiring browser cookies like there are with affiliate marketing.

- Resellers can set their own prices, affiliates cannot

- Overall, you have more control over your profits as a reseller because you are buying the product and then reselling

NOTE: You do not have to physically purchase the domains and hosting first. The buy rates will be automatically deducted from your commission with every order. So all you do is send people to your site to buy what they need. Or you can take the orders for them.

Reselling Other Products & Services

You'll be able to offer much more than just domain names and web hosting.  There are also products to resell such as web design services, merchant and email accounts, website traffic tools, site protection services and much more.

How to Start Reselling

1. Sign up with a reseller plan. The main difference in the plans is that the PRO allows you to earn more per sale because the buy rates are lower.

2. Start promoting your store. I bought a domain name from my own store ( and forwarded it (for free) so the address is brandable.

3. Setup websites for people that you know and have them order their domains and hosting from your store. You will earn a commission for every single order that is made.

4. Enjoy the recurring income!

Have questions? I'd be happy to answer them. I wrote a blog post about reselling domains and hosting here. You can leave your comments and questions there.

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