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Starting a web design business is one of the most lucrative opportunities out there these days.  There are so many people that want to create websites so the demands for your services are extremely high.

Before you get started with your own business, you'll need to create your own website first.  Then you'll want to list your site with major directories like Yahoo and the Open Directory (  The Open Directory will get you an automatic Google listing.

Register Your Domain Name

Since you already know how to create and design sites you probably don't need a lecture in registering a domain name, etc.  But read the next couple of paragraphs because it has some key tips on choosing the most appropriate domain name for your business.

I would suggest choosing a name with the keywords "web design" (or something related) in it.  The reason being is that when other sites link to you, they'll likely use your domain name as the title of your site.

Popular search engines like Google look at the anchor text (the text inside the link) when ranking your site so if people are linking to you with your keyword-filled domain name, this may help boost your ranking.

Let's say you name your web design business "Top Notch Web Design", then you'd want to register the domain name "" or some name that includes your important keywords.  So when people link to your site, "web design" will be in the link (anchor text).

Get Your Design Business Listed in Yahoo

If you own any type of business, you'll want to be listed in Yahoo.  Not many people actually search the directory anymore, but it's important to get a link here because search engines like Google will rank you higher if they see you have a listing in this well-respected directory.

Since your site site is for business you'll have to pay the mandatory $299/yr fee to remain in the directory.  I've personally found it worth it and I still receive a few hundred hits per month from this listing.  But more importantly, it gives me a boost with Google.

Resell Domain Names and Web Hosting

Most web designers don't take advantage of this next opportunity.  It can really be lucrative if you get a lot of business because the residual effects are tremendous.

Think about will be designing websites for other people so you will probably be setting up their domain names and web hosting right? Well why not earn a commission for this?

You can join a reseller program where you can resell domain names for only a small price per year.  Most reseller programs give you your own customizable website and you get to set the prices for domain names and web hosting.  So you can control your profit margins.

You can choose which products you want to offer (domain names, hosting, traffic tools, etc.) and you can even customize the reseller site to mirror your main website.

I recommend The Ultimate Domain Reseller program.  It's the one I use today and the profit potential is tremendous.  Not to mention, it's super easy to setup.

They handle all the customer transactions, support, maintenance, etc.  All you do is set your prices and make sure your customers order their domain names and web hosting through your personal reseller site.

So when people come to you to create and design their websites, you set them up through your site so you earn a commission on their domain names and web hosting.

The best part of it all is that since domain names and web hosting are both recurring fees, you'll keep getting paid month after month, year after year as long as your customers keep their sites.

As you can see, if you design a lot of websites for people, the money can really start adding up.  So not only will you be earning money for your web design business, but you'll also earn recurring commissions for domain names and web hosting.

To join the reseller program, go to

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