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The title is ugly, but the statistics don't lie. Only 1% of people that attempt to make worthwhile money from affiliate programs actually succeed.

I believe one of the main reasons is because they are misinformed and misguided on how to actually make the process work.

Affiliate programs are not get-rich-quick-overnight schemes.  You must spend time building your affiliate website just like you would any other business.

Second, let's take a step back for a second and look at the concept of your existing or future affiliate website. Are you really knowledgeable about the topic you've chosen? Are you extremely passionate about it? Do you think you could write pages and pages of content on it?

Did you just choose the topic because you saw others doing it and it just seemed easy?

Did you join one of those affiliate/money-making programs where you're given a replicated website and the company tells you to announce it to everyone and you get paid when your friends join under you?  (MLM marketing).

You assumed you could just submit this site to the search engines, people would find your site by typing in "make money", sign up under your site and Voila...you'd be rich!


First of all, those company replicated affiliate websites won't get added in the search engines because of the duplication penalty. So in order to have any chance at getting your site found you'll need to create your own website with your own domain first. Of course these companies don't tell you that.

The Business & Internet Marketing Niche

Probably one of the biggest mistakes is that people believe the best way to make money from affiliate programs is to create a website or promote a concept with either a business/MLM or marketing theme.

There are so many sites out here like that people figure they can just mimic the ideas and concept of an existing website and become just as successful.

Let me explain. There's absolutely nothing wrong with taking someone else's concept and trying to improve upon it in an attempt to achieve even greater success. Just make sure you use your own content and do not violate any copyright laws.

However, this only works if you have just as much interest and knowledge about the topic as the person you're pattering your site after.

Sure, there is a lot of money to be made in the Internet Marketing or Business arena, but you better have an idea or concept that will blow people out of the water and also have the drive to stick with it.

Your concept better be so polished and unique that it would make marketing gurus like Allan Gardyne and Ken Evoy blush. More importantly, you have to have enough knowledge about the topic to remain focused and competitive.

You don't have to rumble with the big dogs to make the big dollars. The "big dogs" are people that have been in the industry for years, love what they do, and have already made tons of money doing it.

There's no point in trying to beat them at their own game...especially when you haven't even learned the rules yourself.

I see so many "Internet Marketing Help" websites that supposedly teach people how to market and make money when the majority of these webmasters aren't even making any money themselves. Trust me...I used to have one of those sites! :)

How many people have tried to mimic Allan Gardyne's outstanding website, AssociatePrograms.com only because they see the site is successful and they thought it would be easy to copy? Allan is such a master at his game that he makes you think it's easy.

The real secret to his success is not about it being easy or difficult. It's the fact that Allan loves what he does and he does it better than anyone in his own niche. Now, you have to discover yours.

Find Your Passion

If you really have a passion about your topic, you could create an Allan website too. However, your Allan site doesn't necessarily have to be about affiliate programs or affiliate marketing. Maybe it would be about fishing, cars, or sports....something that you really have an interest in.

When your site is based on a topic you thoroughly enjoy and know a lot about, you'll be driven to update it frequently, be creative, and before you know it your site will evolve into something greater than you may have ever imagined.

Instead of being a copy-cat, become a copyright. Discover your passion, develop a web site about it, and join affiliate programs that complement your passion. Your site does not have to fall into the business/MLM or marketing categories to earn revenue.

Don't get bogged down in the "how-will-I-make-money" mode. When you create a site on a concept you enjoy, your site will grow naturally, and in time, you'll discover different ways to monetize it. There are affiliate programs for almost any topic.

The best part is that it won't feel like you're working because you're having fun. You'll be motivated to develop, maintain and promote your site on a daily basis. Instead of trying to run with the "big dogs" soon you'll discover you've become the "big dog" of your own niche.

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