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YouTubeThere are many benefits to posting videos on YouTube.

For one, it can help improve your online exposure by giving your potential audience another way to find you online.

Also, because YouTube is owned by Google, they will often display the videos in their natural search results on So, not only can people find your videos on, they may also find them in Google as well.

The benefits I want to talk about here are the Partner Program and Individual Video Partnership. As a partner, you can display ads within or alongside your videos and you get paid for every ad click.

Once upon a time, you needed lots of subscribers and views to make money as a YouTube Partner, now you can earn with the Individual Partner Program as explained below.

The program works very much like Google AdSense. You can earn for clicks and views of ads that are overlayed on your videos or next to them.

In fact, your earnings and reports are all tied into your AdSense account. If you do not have an account then you'll be prompted to create one once you become a partner.

How Much Can You Make as a Partner?

Just like the Google AdSense Program, the details of how much you earn per click or your total earning potential are not disclosed. Overall, your earnings depend on how much the advertiser is paying for the ad and how much Google shares with you.

The more related the ads are to your videos, the greater chance people will click on them. Just know that you cannot control what ads show up. That's all up to YouTube.

It's important you title and tag your videos accordingly so YouTube can serve up ads that are as relevant as possible.

Also, certain channels may earn more than others due to the nature of the ads. For example, financial ads may pay more than gaming ads.

Benefits of Becoming a YouTube Partner

Aside from the earnings, there are several benefits to becoming a YouTube partner. Here are just a handful...

- Custom channel banner

- Upload custom thumbnails

- Credibility booster

Creating a Channel Banner for YouTube

Once you become a full partner, you can create a channel banner on the homepage of your YouTube channel. Here's a video on how to do that...

Individual Video Partnership

Recently YouTube expanded their monetization program. Now you can earn money from your videos without being a full YouTube Partner. Some call this a "monetize-only" partner.

If you have one or more videos with several hundred views, YouTube may send you an e-mail inviting you to monetize them with ads.

Since you are not an official YouTube Partner, you won't receive privileges such as a homepage banner, thumbnail uploads, more earning opportunties (although some people are now starting to get these benefits as well) and more.

There are no published requirements for the individual video partnership, so you'll have to wait patiently for the invite from YouTube.

Although I will say, it appears that number of subscribers has very little influence. I know of people who have received invites with under 50 subscribers. It would seem that the number of views on certain videos matters more.

So you may not have a lot of subscribers or total video views, but if you have one or two videos with several hundred or even thousands of views, you may receive an invite to monetize those videos.

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