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Zazzle ShirtZazzle allows you to sell your designs on merchandise and the setup couldn't be easier. Creating a store is absolutely free. All you need are your designs and you're ready to go.

How it Works

Say you have a site about goldfish and you want to sell some T-shirts with funny sayings about fish to your audience.

1) Simply fire up Photoshop (or any graphic editor of your choice)

2) Create your designs

3) Upload your designs to Zazzle and choose what products you want to sell them on (T-shirts, coffee mugs, etc.)

Zazzle maintains the inventory, creates and ships your merchandise. All you do is sit back and collect your royalties!

How You Make Money

As a store owner you get to choose your markup for every product. Zazzle has minimums and maximums for marking up the merchandise. I usually keep mine around the minimum 10% to remain competitive.

So if you sell a $19 shirt with a 20% markup, you earn $3.8 per shirt and Zazzle keeps the rest.

They also have a referral program. So not only do you earn with any markup you create, but you also earn additional revenue as an affiliate. They encourage you to double dip with regards to your earnings.

The key to Zazzle is to upload hundreds (if not thousands) of designs. The more you have, the greater chance you'll make money. Having said that, don't compromise quality for quantity.

Tips on Creating Your Designs

Zazzle Store T ShirtDesigning for shirts and larger merchandise is different than designing for the Web. You want to make sure your designs have great quality.

I have a Zazzle store that sells web and social media T-shirts. I usually start with a palette no smaller than 4,000 pixels wide in Photoshop. I also save all my images in the PNG format because it's a better quality.

You should also use a transparent background because you want the image to look good on a variety of different background colors.

If you allow it, your customers will be able to choose the style/design and color of merchandise they order.

So if you use a white background for your designs and someone chooses a black shirt, they will see a white box behind the image. You will eliminate this issue if you design with a transparent background.

Zazzle Product Quality

I was VERY impressed with the quality of Zazzle's shirts. The fit was great and the material is pretty good. I bought some of my own products and haven't owned them for very long, but they don't seem to fade too much either -- at least not so far.

You can see one of my shirts in the video below...

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