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Why Should I Forward My Domain?

Domain forwarding is useful for several situations:

1)  You own several domain extensions of your web site (,, for example) and you want the .net and .org sites to automatically forward to the .com version of your site when someone types in the address in their web browser.

2)  Or perhaps you already have a website hosted at a free provider like AOL and you want a professional looking address instead of the long URL you’re given with the free hosts.

3) You've changed domain names and you'd like your old name to be forwarded to your new name.

Domain forwarding used to be priced at $16.99 per year, but for a limited time it’s absolutely free when you register any available domain name through 2 Create a Website.  You will be able to keep this service active as long as you own your domain.

"I Already Have a Domain Name"

If you already have a domain registered some place else and you’d still like to take advantage of this free offer, simply transfer your name to 2 Create a Website for only $9.95.  Then sign up for domain forwarding here.

Here are the steps:

1) Register your domain name.  If you already have one, then transfer it to first.

2) Be sure to select “Forwarding a domain” on the order form so your domain name will be setup properly.

3) If your domain already lives at 2 Create a Website, just go directly to the Domain Forwarding page.

Keep in mind that if your site is hosted at a free provider like Yahoo/Geocities you'll still have the pop-ups, banners, and all the inconveniences that come with the free web site provider because your site will still physically sit there, but at least you'll have a nice concise and easy-to-remember web site address that looks much more professional than some long URL.


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