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There is nothing more rewarding than watching your web site produce an income.  But it's even more enjoyable when you have a genuine interest in the topic of your site.  

Please don't feel that in order to make money with a web site you have to spend hundreds of dollars and try to become the next  Nor do you have to become some programming genius to create your web site.

ANY site on ANY topic can generate revenue if you:

1) Choose a topic you are genuinely interested in and have knowledge about.

2) Have the true desire to make it work, and

3) Take the time to learn how to promote it on the Internet. 

Cherie is doing just that with her web site,  

Cherie, a mother of three, got her idea for the site while working in a hair salon.  She noticed the increasing number of mothers who had trouble managing their biracial daughter's hair.  

Cherie says...

"These parents desired to be able to style their own children's hair, but simply never had the answers they needed, so they brought them to us."

So what did she do?  She took advantage of this problem and created an ebook on the subject of natural hair care and is now selling it on her web site (which she created in the popular, easy-to-use editor, Microsoft FrontPage).


An ebook is written just like any other book, except customers can download it instantly from your web site and read it right from their PC.  It's a great way for sellers to eliminate shipping costs.


How Does Cherie Promote Her Site?

"I promote my site through search engines for the most part.  I have a link to the site on other sites that I own.  Also, I use signatures sometimes when visiting discussion forums and in emails. 

But one thing that has been surprisingly successful for me is establishing relationships with people and using word of mouth.  A good example is this: I gave out a few free books to people in my target audience.  

They, in turn, promoted my website FOR me on discussion boards that they frequent that are made up mostly of people in my target audience! 

I am also attempting to get free publicity by sending out press releases and articles to magazines and newsletters with readers in my target audience."

How Cherie Collects Payments for Orders

"I use a third party processing company called iBill.  They allow me to accept credit cards and checks without having to have my own merchant's account and in exchange, they charge a certain percentage per transaction.  I also use PayPal and I accept money orders for the printed version of my ebook".

Cherie's Advice for You!

"The best advice I can give to those just starting out is to visit other sites that are similar to the type of site you are creating or want to create.  See what their sites look like and get ideas.  Don't copy, but get your juices flowing. 

If you don't have a program such as FrontPage or Dreamweaver, use the free web places but it's important to try and learn as much HTML as possible so you don't get "stuck" in their templates. 

Build your sites and just play around with them.  As you do them more and more and research other sites, you'll find yourself getting better and better.  

If you don't purchase any other product, be sure and get a copy of "Make Your Site Sell"!  That book helped me TONS when I first started out."


Cherie's not kidding.  Anyone who is serious about selling anything on the web needs this. For details on "Make Your Site Sell", see


I asked Cherie if there was anything she would have done differently and she says...

"If I could go back, I probably wouldn't have been so afraid to spend a little money and invest in learning material.  I wasted a LOT of time trying to do EVERYTHING on my own when I could have gotten a "heads up" from other's experiences."

What YOU Can Learn From Cherie?

1) Niche sites can be extremely effective!  Think about what you're interested in, find your niche, and then go after your target audience.

2) Use your brain.  Cherie didn't go out and try to find some gadget to sell on the web.  She used the information in her head to create an informational product that fits her target audience.

3) Be prepared to spend some cash.  This doesn't mean you have to go bankrupt creating or promoting your business, just know that nothing in life is free...Starting an internet business is no exception.  Sure you can find free places to build web sites, etc. but you'll pay in the long run if you try to build a business on a cheap foundation.

4) Enjoy yourself.  When you choose a topic you enjoy, promoting your site is so much more rewarding and you'll find that word of mouth may become a primary source of traffic to your site.

No matter what you decide on for the topic of your site, I cannot stress how important it is to use subject matter that you have an interest in. Cherie's web site is an excellent example of what you can do if you find your passion and develop it into a successful web site.

Now it's time for you to discover yours!

Cherie's web site 

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As Cherie says, you've got to get a copy of Make Your Site Sell. 

An Excellent Guide to Creating Your Own InfoProduct

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