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Average Traffic Stats for

Unique Visitors: 20,000 per day / 600,000 per month
Page Views/Impressions : 30,000 per day / 900,000 per month

Ads about creating a website typically perform the best here. Money-making ads (especially get-rich-quick) do not generally perform well and I am very selective about which ads I will allow because of so many get-rich-quick scams. See more details below.

You can see my Alexa rank below. ranks websites according to traffic. There are literally millions of sites online so that number means is ranked better than 1% when it comes to traffic received. Any number below 100,000 is considered excellent!

What Kinds of Ads Work Best on

This site gets visits from existing and potential Webmasters, Bloggers, and Internet Marketers. Ads about creating a website or blog tend to perform the best.

Ads about making money fast and overexaggering get rich quick claims generally do not perform well here. Not to mention, I reject most of those ads anyway since they often sound scammy.

It's also important to use simple banners. Banners that are busy with too much text and pictures tend to have lower click-thru rates. Effective banners with a short, benefit-rich message (ex. Create a Website Today!) perform best.

Ads I Will Reject

I will not sell out just to make money on ads. If I believe an ad is misleading or it's something I do not feel comfortable linking to, I will reject the ad. These topics include (but are not limited to)...

  • All pyramid schemes (cash gifting, etc.)

  • Get-Rich-Quick (make money overnight)

  • Suspicious looking cash programs (especially from Clickbank)

  • AdSense-related schemes

  • Some MLM Programs

  • Anything I deem questionable

Advertising Options on

See banner and text ad options

Please Note: All ads are subject to approval by  I reserve the right to reject or accept any advertisement that is submitted.

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