Kindly Requesting Your Consideration


I crafted this message very carefully because I don't want this to sound harsh or as if I don't want to help you, I'm just asking for a bit of consideration.

Why This Website?

I created 2 Create a Website because I love helping and when I created my first site there was nothing very detailed to help newbies who wanted to build their own sites.

That's why I have so many articles here on building a website, making money, and driving traffic. I also have quite a few tutorials on my YouTube channel.

When my site was very new, I spent a lot of time helping people via email. From fixing someone's code to helping people brainstorm for topics -- you name it, I answered it.

As my business and exposure grew, it started becoming more difficult to give one-on-one advice, perform site reviews and answer certain kinds of emails.

So today, I cannot dedicate the same amount of one-on-one help I provided when I was just starting out. Most people understand that, but then there are those 10% of emails from people who seem to have very little regard for how many messages I receive and the work I have to do for my own sites.

It's not the amount of messages that bother me. That comes with the territory of having a site such as this. I'm actually grateful for them because it shows that people are visiting and finding my site helpful.

However, what is more frustrating are the unreasonable and unrealistic requests such as Will you build a site for me for free?, Will you link to my site?, Can you review my 3 websites?, Will you buy X for me or send me X amount of money?

And my all-time favorite...

Hey, how about we partner together. I pick the topic, you build the site and we split the profits?

For the record, I will not partner with someone I have never met and have no idea about their work ethic. That's just a bad idea on many levels. Not to mention, I have several of my own sites to run so my plate is quite full at the moment.

Fortunately these kinds of emails are only a small percentage of the messages I receive, but I get enough to warrant a message like this.

For the record, I'm not asking for your sympathy. When you put out a website such as this and people know you are making money online, you have to expect questions from people.

I have no problem with people sending emails.

The bigger problem is the lack of respect that comes from a small percentage of people who send certain requests as if I have no other email but the one they are sending.

The Reason I Don't Outsource

So you may be wondering why I don't hire someone to help with answering my emails.

I prefer to answer my emails because I've found that 90% of them are from people asking my opinion or they have questions about my individual experiences with building websites.

It just wouldn't make sense to outsource those kinds of emails and I actually like staying engaged with my website visitors so that's why I do my best to answer as many emails as I can.

Why Don't You Consult?

I get this question a lot so I thought I'd address it here too.

I got into creating websites because I love building and marketing them. That's why I have so many sites. I enjoy the process of creating videos and finding creative ways to teach. That's how I earn a living and that's my true passion.

Consulting is a completely separate model and something I don't have time to do. And to be honest, based on some of the local consulting I've done here where I live, I can tell you that I wouldn't enjoy it as much.

Plus, I feel that I have so much free information out here, most of you can probably get the help you need by simply reading this website.

For example, if you want to make money the way I have for the last 15 years (full-time since 2006), start here. This article will at least get you going in the right direction.

If you are having trouble with traffic, I have an entire traffic section here. Also make sure you pay attention to the article about why some people never get their pages to rank in Google.

If you would like to request a certain tutorial, I love suggestions so please don't hesitate to let me know here. I love hearing about what you'd like to learn.

I hope this message wasn't too harsh or off-putting. Again, please don't feel as if I don't want you to send me an email. That wasn't the point of this message.

I'm just asking for a bit of consideration when it comes to the kinds of requests you send. That's all. :-)

Enjoy your day!

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