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domain names for $1.99

The .com names at Website Palace normally cost $13 per year, but for a limited time new customers will get their first year for only $1.99* with a hosting purchase.

Learn how to take advantage of the special offer in the quick video below...

Click here to sign up with hosting and grab your $1.99 discount.

Think about it.

domainsYou need a domain and a web host to create your website anyway, so you might as well purchase them together so you can save on your website costs.

Here's how to ensure your discount...

1. Visit the hosting page at Website Palace

2. Choose a plan and add it to your cart.

website hosting plans

3. Now when you add a domain name to your cart, you will only pay $1.99 for your .com name!

Tip: Choosing WordPress is the fastest way to get your site up and running because it comes with templates and there is no programming necessary.

You can create a blog, an ecommerce site, or pretty much any kind of site you want with WordPress. The key to getting the functionality you want is using plugins, and WordPress has tons of them -- many of them are free.

What Else Comes With Hosting?

When you sign up with any hosting plan at Website Palace, you will also receive access to free applications that you can install to create forums, shopping carts, blogs, membership websites and more.

All you do is login to the hosting control panel, visit the Applications area and install the scripts you want with only one click.

So let's say you want a forum on your website for people to chat. You would simply select the forum script from the Applications panel and it will be installed on your domain in minutes!

Don't forget, the Deluxe and Ultimate plans allow you to create unlimited websites on one account!

Sign up for hosting today!

*Restrictions apply.

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