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social media circleGoogle Authorship is starting to play more of a role in search engine optimization (where your pages rank).


Now you have the ability to tag all of your content and associated it with your name (Google Authorship) so you can start building up your Google AuthorRank.

Your AuthorRank is your online reputation based on the articles you write and how much they are shared via social media and by whom.

The more shares your content receives by influencial people, the more it will drive up your AuthorRank.

In the long run, this may have a big impact on where your content ranks in Google.

So if you want to build a solid profile with Google, you need to first begin tagging all your content.

To put it simply, Google Authorship is about linking content you own back to your Google Plus profile. Your AuthorRank is your online reputation based on how popular your content becomes.

How it Works

So if you are guest posting on someone else's site (or even for an article on your own site), you would link your name (by Jane Smith) back to your Google Plus profile, which would include your website address in the profile information.

Or you could link your name back to your website that includes the Authorship markup code that I will discuss below.

The more people share your articles, the more it will impact your AuthorRank.

Setting Up Authorship

1. Start by creating a Google Plus profile. Google requires you to use a real name, not a website name for the initial setup.

2. Add websites you own to the Contributor section of your profile.

3. If you want to ensure all your web pages use Google Authorship, make sure you include a link to your Google Plus profile on all your pages (footer, sidebar, etc.)

Many people opt to do this by adding their name to the footer or byline like I do on this site.


Add the following inside the <head> of your page...

<link rel="author" href=">

Of course you would replace the link information with your Google Plus profile link.

If you use WordPress there are plugins that will automate part of the process for you. Of course, you'll still need to create your Google Plus profile first.

Benefits of Authorship

1. Instantly claim content you publish first before copycats grab the article and try to pass it off as their own.

2. Build up your AuthorRank on Google. This is especially important if you guest post on a lot of different blogs. The higher quality, the more your AuthorRank will be influenced.

3. Your profile pic from Google Plus will be displayed alongside your site in the search results, which could increase your click through rate.

Google Authorship on YouTube

You can also officially associate your YouTube channel with your Google Plus account and name as well.

1. First ensure you have a link to your Google Plus profile. Simply click the "Edit" button in the top-right hand corner of your YouTube channel.

2. Now add a link to your Google Plus profile. You can either use your name for the title of the link or Google Plus. It doesn't really matter.

Google Authorship for YouTube

3. Make sure there's a link to your YouTube channel on your Google Plus Profile as well.

Other Profiles

4. In YouTube go to Account Settings >> Overview. Under your profile picture, click the "Advanced Link"

YouTube settings

5. Now choose the link that says "Link My YouTube Channel With Google+"

If your YouTube email address matches the email you use for Google Plus, then no verification is needed. However, if it's different you may have to complete an additional verification step.

Now your YouTube channel will be titled with your name instead of your channel name. But don't worry, you can easily reverse this by going back to the same location in your account.

This will NOT have an impact on how your channel will found in the YouTube search results. They will still use your channel name that you initially setup even though you cannot see that channel name anymore.

Testing Google Authorship

To ensure Google Authorship is working correctly, you can use the Rich Snippets tool. Remember, it may take a couple of days for everything to sync up properly.

No Authorship Guarantees

Understand that setting up Google Authorship is not an instant ticket to SEO Success Land. This is only one part of the puzzle. (Read details about search engine optimization here.)

It's more about connecting all the content that you own and attaching it to your name for branding purposes and building your individual author rank as a content publisher.

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