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c-Site - copyright your website todayYou put a lot of work into your web site so you need to guard it from thieves that are too lazy to develop their own ideas. c-Site copyright services will protect your online writing, artwork, music and more from people that may try to pirate your work.

c-Site protects the following:

Copyright Protection for Literary Works:

  • Website HTML code
  • Website screen displays
  • Computer programs (other than HTML-based web sites)
  • Academic or scholarly works
  • Pamphlets, directories, catalogues and brochures
  • Poetry, essays, books and manuscripts
  • Speeches, reports and advertising copy
  • Contributions to collective works
  • Compilations of data or other literary works
  • Automated databases

Copyright Protection for Performing Arts Works:

  • Scripts (with or without music) prepared for theatre, radio, and television
  • Screenplays for motion pictures (with or without music)
  • Lyrics
  • Music
  • Musicals
  • Pantomimes
  • Choreographic works
  • Motion pictures and other audiovisual works

Let's face it.  If you've published your own work, you need to protect it.  c-Site takes the confusion and complexity out of the federal filing process. Now, you can complete your copyright application online with no hassles involved.

Click here for more details on website copyright protection.

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