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ArtisteerTired of hunting for the perfect theme for your site?

I know what a royal pain that can be, so instead of looking for a pre-existing WordPress theme, how about creating your own?

Artisteer is one of the most popular web design tools online and it's very flexible because you can use it for Blogger, WordPress, static sites and Drupal.

It's very easy to use and every release seems to get better. Creating your own WordPress theme is actually fun and you can control even the most smallest details of the design with no technical or design experience necessary.

I created a video showing how easy it is to create and upload your own WordPress theme with Artisteer. Watch my video below.

Notes About Using Artisteer for Your Website

  • If your custom theme breaks with a new WordPress version release, you will have to wait until Artisteer releases an update for their own software. So that is one risk with using a 3rd party theme builder.
  • Try to do all your customizing BEFORE you export your theme. It is much easier to make customizations within Artisteer than waiting until you've uploaded your theme to WordPress.
  • If your theme does not look right when you activate it, make sure you remove all the widgets from the theme in the WordPress admin area. Sometimes the theme exports with enabled widgets that you may not want on your live theme. Then re-add the ones you want one at a time.
  • You can re-sell the themes you create with Artisteer as long as you don't include the images. So if you are going to sell them, replace them with your own images that you have rights to use. Or create them yourself with Photoshop or GIMP.
  • Artisteer also provides customers with additional themes and templates that you can use for your projects
  • All templates and themes validate under W3 standards. That ensures your design will display properly across multiple browsers, which is very important since browsers often render web code differently.
  • Artisteer is also great if you are a web designer and you need design inspiration for your many projects.
  • With version 3.0, you can now type text right into the design tool before you export the template/theme onto your computer. This is great for testing font families, sizes, etc.

Try Artisteer for free here.

Don't forget. Before you can build a website, you need a domain name and hosting.

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