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Adding a calendar to your website is pretty easy these days thanks to all the remotely hosted applications and software you can use.

WordPress Calendar

If you use WordPress for your website, there is a calendar widget in the admin panel that you can add to your site with ease. All you do is drag it to your sidebar, and it's ready to go.

Long gone are the days where you have to download scripts and learn how to configure them just to host a calendar. WordPress will make your life super easy.

There are also many free calendar plugins you can install that have even more functionality than the standard dashboard calendar.

If you aren't familar with WordPress, visit this page.

Google Free Website Calendar

This is very easy to setup and it's pretty cool because you can use it to remind visitors about upcoming events on your site.

Learn more.

CoffeeCup Flash Calendar

CoffeeCup is the creator of one of the leading HTML editors online. They also have a series of Flash-based tools for your website that are very easy to use.

You can try their Flash calendar generator here.

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