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Now it's time to make your site more appealing to your visitors so they'll want to return often.  Follow the links below to learn how to find graphics, add background music, create message boards, add a chat room and more.

Free e-Book Software

e-Books can be great profit generators, but they can also be used as a giveaway to entice people to buy, sign up for your newsletter, etc. is offering free e-Book software (Windows Only) with any order placed on their site.


Create a Message Board
Message boards can be a great addition and a nice way to get people to return to your site often. Find out how to create one for your site.
Password Protect a Page
A very simple script you can copy and paste that will only allow a page to be viewed when the correct password is entered.
Adding Background Music
Entertain your visitors by adding music when your site loads.
Free Hit Counters  
Show the world how popular your site is by adding a web page counter.
Create a Chat Room
Give your visitors a place to meet and share their thoughts.
Add Audio to Your Site
The simplest way to add streaming audio to your web pages.
Finding Graphics
Looking for some jazzy images to spice up your web site?  Find out where to go and download free images on the web.
Adding a Photo Gallery
This is a small tutorial that shows you how to use Irfanview so you can add a picture gallery to your web site.
Allow Downloads
Learn how setup your files so other web surfers can download them.
Create a Newsletter
This tutorial will show you how to edit and upload a small script that can turn your web site into a mini newsletter server.
Creating Forms
Allow your visitors to send feedback from your site with this simple script.
Free Popunder Code
Promote your other pages and products using a popunder window.
Free Guestbook Script
Here's a simple guestbook script to allow your visitors to leave you messages.
Add an Online Calendar
Allow your guests to build their own
Adding Video to a Web Page
Learn how to embed a video file into your web page.
Create a Favicon
Learn how to create a favicon that is displayed when people bookmark your site.
Add a Site Search Engine
A quick tutorial on adding a search engine to your website.

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