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Want to make a little extra money from your MySpace page?  This will work exceptionally well if your page is popular and gets a lot of traffic.

While people love MySpace, I know many of the users hate having such a long, hard-to-remember website address.  Wouldn't it be great to be able to type in and have it redirect to your MySpace page automatically?  

After all it would be much easier to type and remember, right?

You can do this easily by registering a domain name ( at and simply set the domain to forward to your MySpace page automatically.

(After you purchase it, you will have to login to your account to setup the forwarding.  It's very easy and takes 2 seconds.)

Yes, there are cheaper domain registrars like GoDaddy but, gives you free domain forwarding and masking so you really come out cheaper. 

GoDaddy charges a yearly fee for domain forwarding and masking - in addition to the domain name.  With the only thing you pay for is the domain name.

What Is Domain Forwarding and Masking?

Domain forwarding is simply the process of forwarding one address to another.  So if you want people to type in to get to your MySpace page, you would register at and set it to forward to your MySpace page.

Domain masking is another free option you can setup.  This keeps the domain you registered displayed in your visitor's browser. So let's say your myspace address is...

And you register the domain name 

When someone types in, it keeps this address in the person's browser so they never see your MySpace domain.  It will look like the address to your site is really 

If you have a MySpace page that promotes a business or social event and you want people to remember the name, this is a great branding and marketing solution.  A shorter address also looks much better on business cards.

Instead of sending people to...

You can send them to (or whatever name you choose) and that way they'll never have to remember your long, MySpace address again!

IMPORTANT NOTE:  For copyright reasons, I would suggest you avoid choosing a name with the word "myspace" in it.

Don't worry.  This won't change how you update your MySpace page and you will still be able to access it with the old address.  So if your friends have it bookmarked then they will still be able to access your site. 

This does not in any way affect the workings of your myspace account.  You're only setting up a redirect.

So How Do You Make Money From This?

Well as soon as all your friends see your MySpace address has a nice and clean domain name that redirects to your page, they'll be jealous and want one too. 

So what you can do is become a domain name reseller with The Ultimate Domain Name Reseller Program and advertise your reseller site on MySpace page so your friends can get their own domains. 

You'll get your own professional and customizable sales site that's already created for you, and you can set your own prices so you do determine your profit.  You can charge $8 per year or $20 per year for the domain names.  The price is up to you!

All you do is advertise the link to your reseller site on your MySpace page, and you'll earn commissions for all domain orders (or any other products) through your site.

What's even better is when your friends renew their domain names every year, you will still earn a recurring commission.  So the more people you get to buy domains under you, the more money you'll make.

It's only $69 per year to become a reseller (I make that back in an hour sometimes), and you don't have to do anything but promote the link to your store. 

Ultimate Domain Resellers handles all the customer support, orders, credit card transactions, etc.  You're just the middleman and promote your special reseller link from your MySpace page.  You can login anytime to see how much money you've earned for the day, week or month.

What a cool, easy way to earn some extra money from your MySpace page.  Remember, you don't take the orders.  Ultimate Domain Name Resellers handles all the hard work.  You are just referring your visitors to your reseller site and watch the commissions roll in.

Special Tip:  Before you start telling your friends about shortening their MySpace address, register your own domain and forward it to your own MySpace page first so they can see how it works.  You'll convince more people if they see you've done it and understand the benefits.

(Remember you won't be able to setup the forward until after you complete the domain registration process.)

Imagine advertising your MySpace page by saying, "Go to"  Your friends will be jealous. ;-)

Join today, get your reseller site, set your domain prices and start making money with your MySpace site immediately!

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