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One of the best ways to boost your search engine ranking is to ensure that you have plenty of links pointing back to your site.  In other words, you need to increase your link popularity.


Because many of the popular search engines are using a lot of off-page criteria to help decide how relevant (or popular) your site is for certain keyword searches.

Let's say you have a site about bowling and you want your site to show up in Google when people type in the search terms, "bowling balls."

Back in the day, you used to be able to achieve a high ranking by cramming your keywords in the body of your web pages, title, as well as your meta tags.

Well this quickly grew old as people learned the techniques and started using this method to spam the search engines.  Webmasters were putting unrelated search terms into their meta tags and using hidden text to try and trick the engines into bringing their site more traffic.

As you may have guessed, engines like Google have gotten much smarter over the years and are now using the "backward link" technique to help rank web pages.

Google can determine the keywords other sites are using to link to a particular site and then they use that information to help decide how a page should rank for various search words.

Going back to the bowling ball example -- if you go to Google and search for "bowling balls", you'll notice that the sites that appear first aren't necessarily the ones that repeat the word "bowling balls" throughout the text.  Some of them don't even have these keywords in the title of the page.

The reason these sites show up first is because of their link popularity.  Other web sites are using "bowling balls" to describe their site and are using these keywords inside the actual hyperlinks when they link to them.

So hopefully you can see now that when you exchange links with other web sites, be sure that they include the keywords you want to rank high for in the search engines.

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Value Exchange is a free tool that helps you find related web sites that are willing to exchange links with you.

Notice the term "value" in the title.  This is important because you don't want to exchange links with just any web site. With Value Exchange, you'll only find high-quality web sites with relevant information that can only help increase your link popularity.

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