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I'm sure you've seen the ads for search engine submit services and software -- you know the ones that boast they will submit your website to hundreds or even thousands of search engines for a certain fee?

Well, don't buy into these schemes -- even if they are offering something

First of all, around 95 percent of all search engine traffic come from Google, Yahoo, Bing and other portals of these sites. Portals are search engines that use results from other engines. 

For example, AOL's search results come from Google. So once you are optimized for Google's search engine, then those same rankings will apply for AOL.

The other search engines make up the remaining percentages and most of them don't even account for a full 1% of all search traffic.

In other words... they're NOT worth submitting to!

Second, most search engine submittal services use automated software to attempt to submit your site.  What they don't tell you is that most engines IGNORE any kind of automated software submissions so when they attempt to add your site, it just gets rejected or ignored.

Yes, some of the smaller engines may allow the automated submissions, but they don't get enough traffic to do you any good -- so it ends up being a moot point anyway. 

Who cares if you're listed in if they only make up .0005% of overall search engine traffic.

Yahoo!, Bing, and Google are the only three search engines that matter right now.

Third, many engines are now banning sites that continuously submit.  They consider it "spamming".  So if you're using a submission service that promises a monthly or quarterly submission, then they could be putting your site in danger of getting permanently banned or blocked!

The tricky part is that it varies from search engine to search engine.  One engine may allow multiple submissions, while another may not.

Of course you, the unsuspecting consumer, has no way of knowing all this.  These companies just take your money while you await the traffic that will never come. 

Notice that many of these companies never claim your site will be listed...they just promise the submittal.  What about all those sites that reject automated submissions?  Are they going to do them all by hand?

They know most of their customers don't know much about the search engine optimization world so they bank on it...literally!    I mean if you're a beginner with no website traffic and you see an ad to submit your site to thousands of engines for $20, that would sound like a pretty good deal wouldn't it?

I've Been Victimized Myself

I fell into this trap when I was a newbie online marketer.  I used to buy submission software and submit to companies that offered thousands of submissions.

They also submit to free classifieds or free for all link sites that only get visits from other traffic-seeking webmasters.  Consumers don't go here to look for information.  They go to Google, Yahoo, MSN; and if they're looking to buy something the visit familiar commercial websites like

In addition, many of these companies now state they'll list your site by hand for some of the engines and directories.  I find that hard to believe because that would take a ton of work, especially if the orders are rolling in.  Again, how could they really prove this since most search engines don't send email confirmations.

Also, some of the directories that really count require a one-time fee to even consider listing your site.  How do these submission sites like handle these situations?

The answer is, "They don't!"  They're misleading you into thinking you are going to get a lot of traffic when they are really taking advantage of your ignorance of search engines.

Adding Your Site to the Search Engines

These days, it's not hard to get listed/indexed. If you just start promoting your site on Twitter, Facebook, forums, etc. the engines will eventually pick up your site. No real need to manually submit.

But if you want to submit to the various engines, just search for "how to submit to [engine]" for the direct link to their submission page.

The real challenge is getting ranked! Read more details about how to improve your search engine rankings here.

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