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If you want to create a guestbook for your site, here's a tutorial that will show you how to install a very nice script on your domain.

In order for this guestbook script to work, you must have a web host that supports PHP.  Most free web site providers do not have this functionality available, so if your site is hosted at Yahoo/Geocities, AOL, etc. it may not work.

I suggest using a reliable host like Powweb for your site.  They provide a ton of space for only $7 per month, and their hosting plan comes with free design templates and a web builder.

Steps to Creating Your Guestbook

Step 1 Download the guestbook script here.

Step 2:  Choose your favorite text editor (I suggest Notepad) and open the file named index.php. Change some of the variables (colors, title, etc.) so that the script does what you want it to. There are instructions in the file.

Step 3:. Upload index.php (guestbook script) and gbook.dat (data file) to a directory in ASCII mode. CHMOD gbook.dat to 666  (Unix/Linux only), to make the data file writeable or you will get writing permission error.

If you need help with uploading and using the CHMOD feature, see this tutorial.

Step 4: Upload all of the images (*.gif) to the same directory in BINARY mode.

Enjoy your guestbook!

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