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The Beginner's Guide to Website Building

Finally, it's here!

       Someone needed to do it...

           And the Newbie Club took up the challenge. 

It all started with a beginner who built her very first website using FREE programs and graphics - and then decided to develop a tutorial about it.

Dianne, the Newbie Club founder, was determined to build her first website - and didn't spend a penny doing it. Her experience is an inspiration to any beginner, and proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that it doesn't take a technical background and an open checkbook, to produce a website that anyone would be proud of.

Then Diane joined forces with a few others and created an Internet First.... 

The Newbie Club First Website Builder is a groundbreaking Newbie-Speak course that shows any beginner how to design, build, write, present, automate, backup, promote, and publish a web site in 2 days or less. 

Now anyone can do it, and yes, that includes you!

If building a web site sounds rather intimidating or perhaps overwhelming to you, then perhaps you'd like to learn from someone who has your best interest at heart.

The biggest complaint I hear from people who want to learn how to create web sites is that the information available is too "techy" and makes the web site building process seem complicated.

Many people want to build web sites but are not quite sure where to start, nor are they enthused about the learning curve.

Is this you?

Wouldn't it be nice to learn how to build a web site from someone who understands that not everyone is a technical guru? 

Wouldn't it even be better to build a fabulous web site from scratch in just a few days without spending an arm and a leg?

Well the Newbie Club Website Builder shows you exactly how to accomplish all of the above. Wait no longer and find out what the Newbie Club has to offer you!


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