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Creating Your First Website in 2013?
Here are some things you need to know!

Before You Build

Overview of Creating a Website or Blog
Not sure what you need? This page will give you an overview.

How Much Does it Cost to Create a Website?
An overview of various costs associated with building a website today.

Critical Website Mistakes People Make
Avoid the traps to maximize your chances of success with your website!

Why Some Websites Never Get Off The Ground
If your site doesn't connect with real people, you are going to be in trouble.

Need Ideas for Your Website's Topic
Here's some advice on choosing your topic. Don't fall into the trap a lot of beginners fall into.

Registering Your Website Business
Info about DBA's, LLC's and more.

WordPress vs. Site Build It!
Which platform is best for creating your site?

Using The Google Keyword Planner for Keyword Research
Use this tool to research how many times certain phrases are searched for on Google.com to help you decide on a niche.

Using Market Samurai for Keyword Research
Before settling on a topic, you should always do keyword research to find out how competitive your potential niche is.

Get a $1.99 Domain Name
Discover how to get a domain for $1.99 and other information about cost.

Tips on Reserving a Domain (DOT COM) Name
This is the first step in creating a web site.  Learn how to choose the BEST name. 

Web Hosting Information
Find out what a web host is and choose from various hosting options.

Free Website Warning
Find out why you should NOT use the free route.

Free Website Tutorial
Download The Perfect Site Guide to keep as your reference for building a website or blog.

Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to common questions asked about creating a web site.

Want to Host Your Own Site?
Find out why this may not be a good idea.

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Blog or Static Website?
Can't decide if you should create a blog or static website? This article will shed some light. Be sure to watch the video!

WordPress Tutorial for Beginners
A very thorough guide that will help you learn WordPress.

WordPress.com and WordPress.org
Learn the difference and why you should avoid the .com version.

Tips for Securing Your WordPress Site
Basic steps to take that will harden your site's security.

Watch Me Design a WordPress Site From Scratch!
A great video for beginners who struggle with customizing a WordPress theme.

How to Select The Right WordPress Theme
Choosing a WordPress theme can be overwhelming. Here are some guidelines you can use to help make your selection.

Editing Your WordPress Theme Design
Here's a trick that will help you customize your WordPress website easily.

Create Your Own WordPress Theme
Discover how to use Artisteer to design your own theme.

How to Customize Your WordPress Header
Tutorial on WordPress headers.

RSS Feed / Feedburner Help
How to manage the RSS feed for your blog using Feedburner.

How to Upload Files to Your WordPress Website
An easy-to-follow tutorial on uploading files using FTP or a File Manager.

My Review of WooThemes
I used this theme for a short time. Here's my review.

My Review of the Thesis WordPress Theme
A blog theme is the design/template for your blog. Learn why I chose Thesis.

Subscribe to My Blog
I blog once a week. This is where you can keep up with my latest tips and chat with me about current topics in the industry.

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HTML / CSS Help & Software

Learn How to Create a Static HTML Website
An easy-to-follow tutorial that will show you how to use Notepad or Text Edit to make a very simple 2 column website. Also includes a template you can download.

Create a Website With SBI's Enhanced Block By Block Builder
My thoughts on Site Build It!'s newest block builder for creating websites.

Basic HTML Tutorial
An overview of some of the common HTML tags used when creating a web site.

Hex Code Generator for Website Colors
Find the perfect colors for your design with these hex color code tools.

CSS and HTML Templates - FREE!
Need help with your static site design? These free templates will get you going.

Tips for Creating Awesome Looking Landing Pages
Design advice and a free template to help you build a landing page for your site.

4-Part CSS Tutorial
Get a feel for CSS with this 4-part tutorial.

The Best Theme/Template Generator!
My review of Artisteer - one of the coolest design theme generators for blogs, static websites and CMS

Dreamweaver Tutorial for Beginners
Learn how to create a website using a Dreamweaver starter template.

HTML Table Tutorial
A more in-depth tutorial on creating tables in HTML

Auto Table Generator
This script creates HTML tables on-the-fly.  Simply enter your table attributes into the form.

Hex Color Scheme Generator
Need to pick some colors for your website?  This cool tool will generate them for you.

FTP Help
A short tutorial on how to upload your files to the web.

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Website Design & More

Web Design Options
An overview of WordPress, Dreamweaver, Artisteer and Site Build It!, which are all options for building a website.

Should You Use a 3 Column Site?
Can't decide on how many columns to have for your site? Find out why 3 columns may not be the best choice for your design.

Design a Website With Artisteer
An amazing design tool that makes it easy for anyone to create a layout for their site or blog. It's fun to use too!

Creating a CSS Navigation Menu
Quick and easy tutorial for static, HTML websites. Learn how to create a horizontal menu in seconds!

How to Position Elements Using CSS
Want to learn how to float an image or AdSense code in your header? This is the tutorial for you!

How to Create a Forum / Message Board
Tips on creating a message board and links to web sites offering free boards.

How to Create an Email Newsletter
A small tutorial on sending your own newsletter.

Adding Background Music to Your Web Pages
Entertain your visitors. Use HTML code to add background sound to your web pages.

Adding a Chat Room
Give your visitors a place to chit chat with this free chat room.

Creating a Favicon
Learn how to create a favorites icon for your website.

How to Add a Search Engine to Your Site
Using Google Custom Search to setup a site search.

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Promote Website

Search Engine Ranking Help
Learn how to get listed with Google and other popular engines.

Get More Google Traffic By Targeting Longtail Keywords
Discover why you should target less competitive keywords to improve your traffic potential.

How SEO has Changed and the Future
A look at what's happened with search engine optimization and what you need to know.

Using Google AdWords to Drive Business to Your Website
Learn about Google AdWords and the best way to use this program to build traffic and business.

How to Use Email Marketing to Improve Engagement
Tips on keeping your subscribers happy with email marketing

How to Increase Blog Traffic
Useful tips to drive more visitors to your blog

Social Media Marketing Tips
Quick overview of how social media can help build your business

The Google Plus Social Network
Information about Google's social media network

Using Pinterest to Build Traffic
How to use the image sharing social media site to build traffic.

Submit Scams
Beware of the companies that say they'll promote your site to thousands of search engines.

Using an Autoresponder
Build relationships with your visitors and encourage repeat traffic by using an autoresponder.

Using Twitter to Promote Your Business
Tips on how to use Twitter to drive traffic to your site.

Viral Marketing Tips
Build traffic by using some of these viral techniques

How to Create RSS Feeds for a Static Website
A tutorial on how to add RSS feeds to your website

Use YouTube Videos to Promote Your Site
Discover how to use the power of YouTube to funnel additional traffic to your site

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Articles on Making Money

Free Guide/Tutorial for Making Money Online
If you're just getting started, this is a great guide to read.

How Content Websites Make Money
Quick guide that shows you how to brainstorm for monetization options for your content website.

Earning With Amazon's Associate Progam
Tips on making money with Amazon - one of the oldest affiliate programs on the Net.

6 Ways to Make Money Online
Looking for ideas on how to make money? This is the article for you!

20 Ways to Monetize Your Website
Different ways to generate revenue from your website.

How to Make Money with Clickbank
This is one of the best digital affiliate programs on the net.

Make Money with Google AdSense
Earn money when you display Google's text ads on your web pages.

Explanation for Changes in AdSense Earnings
Learn why your income is never really stable with AdSense.

6 Ways to Earn More With AdSense
A video that shows you additional tips to boost your AdSense income.

How to Become a YouTube Partner
Make money with your YouTube videos when you join the YouTube partnership program.

Selling a Product Online
Got something to sell?  Here are some tips on selling your own product online.

Building an Online Store or Shopping Site
Don't make the same mistake many beginners make when deciding to create an online shopping site.  Learn the best way to do it here.

Make Money With Affiliate Programs
Discover ways to make money by building a content website on topics you know a lot about.

Why Many Affiliates Fail
Takes a look at common mistakes affiliates make when getting started.

Starting a Web Design Business
Make money designing websites for other people and learn how to maximize your profits.

Make Money With an Information Website
Thanks to affiliate programs, you don't need a product to sell to make money with your website.

Internet Money Making Scams
Learn how to spot and avoid many of the online scams.

A Get Rich Quick Seekers Nightmare!
A brutally honest article regarding what it takes to succeed online.  Not an article to read if you have hopes of making money fast online.

Resell Domain Names and Web Hosting
Earn a lifetime of residual income by helping your friends, family and site visitors create their own websites.

Make Money With Zazzle
Learn how you can profit selling your own custom designs on different products (shirts, bags, mugs, etc.)

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2CreateAWebSite.com Videos
An organized directory of all the videos from this site.

Tips on Recording & Editing Online Videos
A beginner's guide to recording online video and more camera tips.

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