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How to Create a Navigation in HTML

I receive a lot of emails from people who want to learn how to create a web site with a left or right navigation, so I thought I'd dedicate this issue to that topic.

(Now, if you aren't even at the point where you can begin creating your pages, don't worry there's help for you at the end of the article.)

The process of creating a navigation is pretty simple if you learn the basics of creating and editing tables in HTML. Most websites you see with a left or right side navigation consist of nothing more than one gigantic table with two columns. 

If it's a left navigation, the left column is set to a much smaller value than the right and vice versa for right-side navigations.

If you want to experiment with different layouts on your web pages, tables are the key. You can do so much with them and they're pretty easy to create and manipulate once you understand the basics.

I've created a Table HTML tutorial here:


Also, I've provided the code for some simple left and right side navigation web sites. All you do is copy the code, paste it into Notepad, FrontPage, etc. and edit the code where instructed.

See our Template page for some free HTML templates:


Now, if you don't have a place to build your site, you still need to register your domain name. Be sure to read our explanation here:


...and if you're looking for a free web site, you may think twice about it after reading this article:


Download a Free Web Site Building Tutorial

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