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"What's the Best Way to Create My Website?"

If you missed the last issue, please make sure you read it at http://www.2createawebsite.com/newsletters/issue2.html  It goes over the basics of creating a web site (how to register YourName.com, etc). 

This issue focuses more on building your web pages. 

"What's The Best Way to Create My Site?" 

There are several ways you can build your site. The option you decide would obviously depend on how much time and money you want to spend on building it. 

You can...

1) Create it completely by hand using HTML Ė the programming language used to build web pages 


2) Use an HTML Editor like Microsoft FrontPage (no HTML knowledge needed) 

Learning HTML 

Obviously learning HTML is the most economical way because you won't need to purchase an editor or use a design company to build your site. But if you're a beginner, it's also the most time consuming method. 

Don't get me wrong, HTML is not really difficult to learn and it's good to know the basics for making minor edits to your pages. But for actual design, it can get a little tricky, and for that reason many people prefer to use HTML editors. 

However, if you are really interested in learning the language, go to Amazon.com and get some books on HTML and web page design. Most books are under $20.  Just do a search for "HTML" or "HTML help".

At least try to pick up the basics of the language. I've got a short tutorial here...

HTML Editors

In my opinion, Microsoft FrontPage is the ideal editor to create and design your web site (especially if you're a beginner) and compared to hiring a design company, it's definitely the most economical. 

FrontPage even comes with a variety of templates you can choose from to get your page started. Editors allow you to create your pages in a friendly, non-programming, point and click environment. 

For more information about Microsoft FrontPage, visit this link.

Free Web Space Providers 

Notice I didnít mention anything about the free web space providers like Geocities.com or Tripod.com. In short...leave them alone. Unless you want an unprofessional-looking site with banners and pop up boxes everywhere I would highly suggest you avoid them. 

About 3 years ago you could get a decent web site for free, but now these free providers are doing their best to stay alive so they put several annoying banners and pop-ups on your site in hopes of bringing in additional revenue. 

They've really gotten desperate ever since the economy started to suffer.

Trust me. It's worth it to just pay the extra money and not have to worry about your site being dead in a few months. 

Building your web site in a free hosting environment is a lot like building your house on sand. It may seem okay at first, but in the long run you run the risk of it crumbling. 

Don't let your web site crumble. Register your own domain name and then invest a few bucks for hosting. LinkSky.com only charges $4.95/month. 

Visit them here: http://www.LinkSky.com 

The only reason I could see you using a free service is if your site is purely for fun or you just want to practice HTML, etc. But if you want a long-lasting site with a professional look, stay away from the freebies and build your site on a solid foundation.

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